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World Poetry Day: A Live Interview

”Poetry - One of humanity's most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression and identity."


Tune In - come celebrate with us this important day, featuring two amazing poets from separate corners of the world.

Sara Garib (Sweden): Poet | Writer

Currently on her first international poetry residency in South Africa, hosted and facilitated by Hear My Voice.

"In 2019 she wrote a poem ("Hannah Montana") for a competition in a Swedish newspaper and won the first prize. The same poem eventually was used in two different exhibitions, one of them being at the city museum. This was a very proud moment in her career, for she was able to share a story about in-between-ship and give a third-culture perspective, which is rarely spoken about in Sweden. She was frequently invited to poetry workshops at libraries and high schools in the years that followed. In 2020 she self-published her first collection of poems. In the last year, she has been holding author talks, facilitating workshops, performing, and writing."

Caryn Tiana (South Africa): Poet | Writer

Based in Cape Town, Caryn is a creative entrepreneur and one of the most gifted poets in the country.

"As a young woman in a world of possibility, I have a desire to further enhance the awareness of the importance of Arts and Culture in our society.

I feel that an open minded sense of integrity is key in successful growth and will therefore, strive for even so much as the idea of a heightened sense of creativity - in a starving society - to persevere.

I strive to live life beautifully and courageously; a riskless life is not really a life fully lived."

Date: 21 March 2022

Time: 20:30 - 21:30


#WorldPoetryDay #poetryofinstagram

#PoetryCommunity #BASA25



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