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The Poet & The Collection: RISE, the womxn bible

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

On Today's episode of our favorite book review series, we are reviewing a call to action. RISE, the womxn bible; is a gentle reminder to you Sis, that the only real purpose of Life itself is to live it, fully. This poetry collection is a sermon, preaching self-determination and self-confidence. Teaching unconditional love, calling forth the fierce in you. In the name of the FEMALE! Bangene moghel.

The Poets:

The collaboration in this book is poetic in its chemistry and just intense in its connection. Lebogang and Modiegi weave together a poetic tapestry of words and illustrations. The bond between these two old friends is effortlessly visible, their poems are a healthy dose of positivity and the visuals drive their message even deeper. Let's take a look at who our favorite co-authors are:

Lebogang Maphanga: Graphic Designer | Author

Lebogang Maphanga is a South African-based multidisciplinary artist, co-author, and illustrator of RISE: the womxn bible. She is a Boston Media House graduate majoring in Graphic Design and Advertising. Lebogang is an eccentric coffee addict who loves to travel in her spare time.

She believes it is common for artists to dab into writing, as artists are very expressive beings who are always looking for an outlet for all the many ideas swirling in their heads, and poetry happened to be one of those outlets for her.

Modiegi Lentsoane: Poet | Author

Modiegi Lenstoane at first considered writing just a pass time. The loss of a loved one pushed her passion for writing further and she turned it into a tool for self-therapy and a profession.

Modiegi believes in the written word's ability to heal and redeem, a tool for reflective work and growth.

The Collection:

“A really witty, cheeky book for women, about women, by women. This collection of poetry is dedicated to women who fluctuate between self-confidence and self-doubt, something the authors are very familiar with.

The book comprises three chapters with thought-provoking illustrations. Each chapter tackles hurdles all women face on a daily. It also highlights self-love, women empowerment, diversity, and sex positivity.”

RISE, the womxn bible

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