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The Poet and The Collection: Shedding.

Growth is a constant rocking back and forth, it challenges us to peek from our comfortable sanctuaries, and then it sometimes chases us back. Growth is inevitable, its a personal choice whether to grow weeds of stagnation or flowers of exploration. This poet takes us through his journey, shedding.

The Poet:

Africa S. Dlamini: Poet, Author and Spoken Word poet.

Africa Dlamini is a spokenword/slam poet, and author from Howick, a town in the Midlands, Pietermaritzburg. Inspired primarily by his father’s storytelling, Africa’s writings are a reflection of personal struggles, frustrations and discontents, and the confusions associated with the path of growth, and ultimately finding a way to make amends (with self and those around).

Africa has published poetry chapbook titled Shedding, shared his work on prominent platforms around South Africa such as 19th Poetry Africa Festival, Current State of Poetry’s One on One National slam, Poet in A suit, Cup ‘O Thought, and Tree of Poetry’s Music and Poetry shows, Give me Ten Mics, Uhuru Poetry Festival, Muted Lips: Psalms and Poetry In Motions’ Spoken Word eKasi Soweto.

The Collection:

Shedding: Poetry Chapbook

Shedding by Africa Dlamini

The book Shedding was published on the 11th of October and is about a journey of becoming a man, paved with sombre and melancholic mood, while exploring the concepts of "heal the boy child, heal the man."

It is an excavation of childhood memories and associated trauma, sentiments on the concept of parenthood and family ties or relations, and diving into what a great deal of men fear to dive into; their emotions. The purpose of Shedding, at least for the its author, is a body of work that seeks closure, and understanding, healing and growth.

Allow the author to take you through his process of “Shedding”. Letting go of the old to make way for the new. The beautiful chapbook is available on Amazon, you can also purchase it directly from the author.

Love, Passion, Ubuntu, Poetry.

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