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The Poet And The Collection: Hullo, Bu-Bye. Koko, Come In.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

“In these poems


Are also referred to as genitalia

In these poems

gender is assigned

even when it is not necessary

In these poems

we are rocks

ornaments to be preserved

objects to be observed

politics to be babysat”

-Koleka Putuma

The Poet:

Koleka Putuma: Poet, Author, Theatre Maker.

Koleka Putuma, is an award-winning theatre practitioner, writer and poet.

Her bestselling debut collection of poems Collective Amnesia took the South African literary scene by storm. Since its publication in April 2017, the book is in its 12th print run and is prescribed for study at tertiary level in South African Universities and Gothenburg University in Sweden. Koleka has taken South African stories and turned them into beautiful poetry in her second book installment; Hullo, Bu-Bye. Koko, Come In.

She’s an author of many accolades including being a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 Honouree, she’s spreading South African stories all over the world through her poems.

Her recent travels were in countries such as Madrid and Vienna sharing her work with the world. After her travels she finally touched down in South Africa to do her first show which was on the 6th of November in the great city of Johannesburg.

The Collection:

Hullo, Bu-Bye. Koko, Come-In.

Hullo, Bu-Bye. KoKo, Come In -- touches on issues surrounding not just South Africa but African writers as a whole. The book dives into the ordinary and the new but even issues that have since been forgotten. It touches on past trials fought in this country by the people of this country. She reminds us of the out pours of Brenda Fassie in the 20th century and the tears still cried by women in South Africa in the 21st century.

But we, we have come to be baptized here

We have come to stir the other world here

We have come to cleanse ourselves here

We have come to connect our living to the dead here

Our respect for water is what you have termed fear

The audacity to trade and murder us over water

Then mock us for being scared of it

The audacity to arrive by water and invade us

If this land was really yours, then resurrect the bones of the colonizers and use them as a compass

A book I myself couldn’t put down, a book that presents to you poetry that can be translated in many ways and a book that reminds you of home, a home known to us as South Africa. Hullo, Koko. Bu-Bye, Come In -- welcomes you into the issues we face daily and yet still reminding us of the beauty we posses.

Get your copy for the price R150 at any CNA stores nationwide.

Love - Passion - Ubuntu - Poetry.

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