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The Poet And The Collection: Drawing Deep Breaths.

We've often heard it being said that if you want to know a poet, read their collection. There's nothing more insightful. Not even the passionate performances at events which only allow us a sneak peek, or the highly resonant micro-poems on Instagram, giving us some sort of familiarity. Today we're digging in deep. Draw long, deep breaths—and plunge in with us.

The Poet.

Accolade Motha: Poet, Author, Creative

Having recently collaborated with Spoken Sessions ZA for the launch of his debut collection titled, Drawing Deep Breaths, Accolade Motha is an Author, Poet and Businessman, an all round creative entrepreneur with his main footprint marked in the field of poetry.

“A Successful Orphan” as beautifully captured in the subtitle of the book, Accolade Motha lives this expressions through his written body of work.

He has also graced the stage as poet and performer, for small and large audiences alike, on many of the country’s notable poetry platforms, such as the Pick Me Up Poetry, Hear My Voice Poetry Relief Series Ep 5 (2020), Word N Sound platforms to name a few. Accolade is a sensation in the creative writing and performance industry.

The Collection.

poems from a successful orphan

In Drawing Deep Breaths - Accolade Motha dives into the depths of his personal tragedy and fishes out provocative portraits of love, belonging, loss, solitude, seeking, and ultimately finding the very thing that has kept him alive through it all – hope.

Drawing Deep Breaths is an honest and inspiring exploration of hope in the monotony of life’s endless difficulties. It is a mourning, a remembering, and celebration of parents lost, and spirit guardians gained. It is as delicate as the language of his deaf mother’s fingers tips.

“It is “Thick-skinned but paper-hearted.” It is the guidance of a father’s hand teaching how to scrub burned pots, with the knowledge that his son will one day need to keep scrubbing at life until he “molds himself into his own image.””
— Afukuran

A must read poetry collection, for inspirational and heart-warming poetry. Drawing Deep Breaths teaches one to learn to "Pace your Inhales" through every life circumstance as doing so opens up one to "Perhaps Think", "Find Path" and have "A Revelation Genesis" among other interesting perspectives.

Get your copy as soon possible, follow the poet on I.G @accolade_motha

Love - Passion - Ubuntu - Poetry

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