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Poetry Briefly: Notepad Dry Sessions Is 10 Editions Strong.

Ten poets graced the cozy stage of Boerelicious Cafe in celebration of Notepad Poetry's 10th Dry Sessions - Red Carpet Edition. The momentous occasion, in partnership with Business & Arts South Africa and the Department of Arts and Culture, brought together artists, lovers, writers, and believers of poetry and live performance at its finest.

The essence of the session was filled with fierce freestyles, eloquent rhymes, and electrifying narratives well-received by a warm, receptive crowd. Blessing Mlu Mashiane, producer and resident guitarist, celebrated his 10th #DrySessions appearance. His improvisational strumming was charming, elevating the performances and supporting their vitality.

How it started:

The Dry Sessions' humble beginnings can be traced back to March 21, 2020. Books For Africa, a second-hand bookstore and cafe, featured two poets plus several open mic slots to a buzzing poetry community in Witbank. The call to connect was strong, encouraging the enthusiasts and lovers of art to persevere using the enduring power of their words.

How it's going:

Notepad Poetry's platform has stretched and reached creative writers and performers across the continent. From reviewing poetry collections from impassioned storytellers to hosting poetry heavyweights, Notepad's commitment to poetry and the creative writing community is unrivaled, still growing from strength to strength.

Get involved:

Dry Sessions is a live poetry and music event featuring top creative writers and performers who need an audience for their stories. The sessions aim to inspire love, passion, ubuntu, and poetry in its most diverse form, creating a soft landing for artists and their creativity.

Follow Notepad Poetry on Instagram and Facebook, so you do not miss the announcement about the next #DrySessions. Here's a playlist of sessions to get you up to speed about what you've missed.

If you have trouble speaking from the heart in front of an audience, you can submit short-form poetry that we will happily feature across our social media platforms on our weekly #NotepadEntries.

A full-hearted thank you to all the performers who make Dry Sessions such a raving success. We couldn't pull it off without you. We are excited to see you at the next session.

"Dry are the words, until they're dipped in poetry." - Notepad Poetry
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