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The Poet and The Collection: My Black Colorful Book.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Words are nothing until they are put together and given meaning and reconnect with parts of us that were once lost. Words are nothing until we give them meaning and connection to all parts of our soul.

The Poet:

Noluthando Dlamini: Author, Poet

A psychology graduate, Noluthando Dlamini is a writer and poet born and raised in Soweto. A self published author, writer, story teller, CEO and founder of Sublime publishing, Noluthando Dlamini is a creative power house.

Through her company she has published her first book “My Black Colorful Book” and her recent book called “The Sublime Vision of Love”. She’s a self-taught script writer who has helped in a few production projects for Joburg Theatre and many more.

The Collection:

My Black Colorful Book.

In this collection the author shares her experiences both beautiful and messy. The poems capture the newness of the author’s writing, her passion, her growth and healing. With bravery, a black and colorful mind is explored.”

In these series of poems the author brings color to blank pages through the continuous vulnerability felt throughout the book. Emotions are brought forth in a way that brings the reader into a safe space and to allows us to be fully immersed in what we often try to hide. Hurt is no secret, but is made evident and embraced through her words.

We love, we break, we heal and find our pieces and put them back together along with the author. The theme of self-awareness is highlighted throughout the book, reminding us that love is not just an outwardly action but it also starts within.

In My Black colorful book, love is no metaphor and hurt isn’t followed by shame. Flip to the first page and allow for the writer to take you on her journey.

The beautiful collection is available on Amazon.


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