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Meet The Notepad Poetry Team - The Faces & Hearts Behind

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Our team is a group of passionate individuals treading together towards the same vision, which is building a sustainable economy around creative writing and performance. Our experiences of the literary industry despite the lack of opportunities and platforms connect us and unites in this big goal we have.

The Notepad Poetry Team

Africa Zwelibanzi

Hi there! My name is Africa —I have worked as a script writer for theatre, an events coordinator, freelance copywriter, facilitator and practitioner, with a decade long experience in the creative writing and performance industry, for powerhouses like Siyavutha Theatre Group, Poetry Africa, eMalahleni Poetry Night amongst others.

I am Notepad's Executive Director and Co-founder. My role includes, copywriting, social media management and overseeing daily business proceedings within the movement, making sure our objectives of bringing about sustainability within the creative writing and performance industry are achieved.

I believe in the Notepad's mission to make superstars out of poets, join us and believe.

"I tried howling at the moon... but only poetry came out" - Prophetic Ink

Sabelo Shabangu

Hi, my name is Sabelo... and I'm a creative professional, working as a Ui Designer, and a Brand Identity Designer. Why? Because through design I am able to positively influence the lives of so many people. My role here at Notepad is simply about helping our beloved customers find us easily... by developing our brand to be attractive to them, and then keeping it so consistent, that they can't forget about it. I am a futuristic thinker, so I am constantly thinking of ways to strategically expand the Notepad Poetry brand.

"I tried howling at the moon... but only poetry came out" - Prophetic Ink

Lebogang Mahlalela

Hello there! I'm Lebo, passionately known as ‘The bag lady’ within the company.

I am a phlebotomist, a wordsmith and events organizer. I have worked on similar movements that cater for creative writing and performance, like The Enlightenment Sessions, Djembe Poetry amongst others before the inception of Notepad Poetry.

I joined the the movement as Finance Director because the Notepad values resonates with mine, the idea is building a sustainable ecosystem around creative writing and performance.

"I tried howling at the moon... but only poetry came out" - Prophetic Ink

Bongane Motha

Hi, I'm Bongane, affectionately known as Stealth — a restless creative juice junkie who finds solace in bringing ideas to life . It is through the visual medium where im able to articulate audiovisual creations termed " Audiovisual Articulation " . I'm a curious mind who dabbles in the inner workings of content marketing.

I work as a Media Director within the movement, which entails producing quality visual content, this includes refining ways of adapting creative writing and performance to the virtual world.

" Videography provides a mobile snapshot of a moment in time . "
— Stealth

Tshego Mokoena

I am Tshegofatso Mokoena, a young creative residing in Emalahleni. I am a poet, a writer and all time art enthusiast. Before Notepad, I worked under the Christianity umbrella of Witbank as an events manager, my roles included managing events like The Gospel Open Mic.

I am the junior social media manager and event co-ordinator at Notepad Poetry.

"I tried howling at the moon... but only poetry came out" - Prophetic Ink

What Makes Us Work

We are connected by the same vision and principles, our experiences in the literary industry although different, are interwoven and kind of simmer together.

Driven by the same passion, we are able to link our skills and perform different tasks that builds up to the same goals for the movement. Our strategies are based mostly on community, thus allowing us to work solidly as a team.

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"You speak...

And I begin to sprout mandalas in my aura.

Every atom in my body dances,

And my soul smiles...


Your words have inspired the sun to blossom yet again."

- Sprout by Prophetic Ink

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