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Poetry Briefly: Indoda Must! A poetry play.

Updated: Mar 8

Be responsible, compassionate, accountable.

'A man must' is the direct translation of this famous South African phrase, this is a general set of expectations by society from men, to claim our manhood fully, we are expected to adhere to this long list of attributes, skill sets, and achievements; ranging from trivial characters such as looks to other deep-rooted issues such as how men are expected to take on their responsibility and show up.

This phrase has been used in a lighthearted manner as a mockery to men who are still finding their feet and also as a call to action for men to play their roles in developing their communities and maintaining healthy family structures.

A Poetry Play

'Ubuhle bendoda izenzo zayo'

We always hear this being said, only the actual phrase is usually that the beauty of a man lies in how deep his pockets are, this poetry production challenges that notion. This play calls for responsible and present men, and in doing so it highlights their beauty.

As part of the Coal City Art Festival, this production employs poetry in theater, featuring young poets and theater makers from eMalahleni and the surrounding areas of the Mpumalanga province.

Indoda Must is a pledge to be better for ourselves, our families, our inner circle, and our communities at large.

Indoda Must is an initiation to manhood, a call to action, calling forth the compassionate leader, summoning the deadbeat back into the present.

Indoda Must is a war cry, chanting strength into the protector, preaching accountability and support for each other, and determination to be and inspire change.

Vouching for the courage to dream beyond our current reality.

Produced by: Notepad Poetry Written by: Africa Zwelibanzi

Creative Director: Native Eye Creative SA

Cast: Speedy Phogolo, Lisa Mphikelelwa, Africa Zwelibanzi

Date: 08 March 2023

Venue: Emalahleni Civic Theatre

Time: 17:00 0- 18:00

Tickets: R100

Coal City Arts Festival

The Coal City Arts Festival is a project aimed at developing the skills of local artists in the Nkangala District.

The Coal City Arts festival has a 4 week developmental stage of which dives in deep into existing and non existent works for Theatre, Dance, Poetry and Music.

Development done by our creative Team and the rest of the Coal City Arts Festival staff.

Mandla Masilela - Creative Director

Moses Mashianoke - Theatre Developer

Mthobisi Soko - Choreographer

Sbusiso Msiza - Stage Manager

Malik Mashinini - Poetry Facilitator.

The Coal City Arts Festival is more investment on art that speaks to the people, sparking up conversations about Social Issues that we face a country and the world.

As South Africa is facing this major issue of Gender Based Violence it is up to the artist to solve and address the issue and Coal City Arts Festival is the right platform for the artist and audience to me.

The festival will have an Opening at Emalahleni Civic Theatre on The 7th of March 2023 at 18:00 PM

Secure your seats today!!

Contact: 071 897 1965 / 071 917 4713

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