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Notepad Dry Sessions: A Soul Nourishing Space

Updated: Feb 18

One thing about our favorite bimonthly live poetry and music event is that it's more than just the words that are dipped in poetry. When was the last time you attended a poetry event and instantly felt like you belong? On arrival, the vibey atmosphere cuddles you firmly in a warm embrace, this is way before the featured creatives climb up the stage to serenade and baptize you in the art of spoken words and live music.

On this fateful Saturday, the industrial city of Emalahleni comes alive; of course, Witbank is a hub of entertainment, but the Dry Sessions space is a living literary thing and it breathes caressing energy. The audience is warm and affectionate, I have never met a crowd in a creative space full of strangers who like to hug and embrace with so much safe familiarity, after every session, you come out a new person.

The poetry is unbelievable, it stays with you long after the event, you find yourself reciting your favorite piece of the day in the shower or while preparing breakfast, impatiently waiting for Notepad to announce the date for the next installment. It is a good thing that you don't have to yearn and wait anymore, you can buy your tickets for all the upcoming events and get a discount and a piece of merchandise with it.

Upcoming Dry Dates

It is a brand new year for creative writing and performance, and it legit reeks of eventfulness, I know we all can't wait to bask in its poetic glory. We have 5 editions coming up this year, get your tickets while they're still available and stew in the confidence that you won't miss a single installment. Here are the dates...

Notepad Dry Sessions - World Poetry Day Celebration

Emalahleni Poetry Giants - Superstar Poets

Remember, the words are dry until they're dipped in poetry. Get your tickets now, do not miss out. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date and never miss a single edition.

See you soon, we can't wait to host you.

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"You speak...

And I begin to sprout mandalas in my aura.

Every atom in my body dances,

And my soul smiles...


Your words have inspired the sun to blossom yet again."

- Sprout by Prophetic Ink

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