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Drift through a realm where poetry meets the free spirit's heart. Discover events, savor great books, and dive into content of all types. A cosmic dance of words and experiences beckons.


Being young upcoming creative writers with passion burning in our hearts, and dealing with a brutal lack of creative opportunities in a City known for its industrial prowess has connected us in ways that are nothing less than poetic. 

We are the Notepad Fam because we know how it feels to be a young writer,  unseen for who you are, and what you can contribute to the greater good of the creative economy. 

Our creative journeys have been bridled with unimaginable difficulties, so we’ve pledged to help upcoming poets everywhere in the world tap into their potential and become superstars of their own making.

Poetry is the blood that binds our collective. Our purpose is rooted in poetry, and our mission is to help poets become superstars.

We’ve hosted 10 editions so far, featuring top African poets, including Mr. Poetivist from Ghana, superstar poet; Ashley Moyo, and award-winning slam poet; Torsten Clear Rybka. We've had over 500 poetry enthusiasts buying tickets to be part of our vibrant community.

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We are about building spaces where the atmosphere cuddles you with warm familiarity the first time you are exposed to it. We've built one such space through our bimonthly event, Dry Sessions. A living, breathing poetry gathering. Where everyone is a VIP and the emerging poets get to perform for the first time in their lives.

Thank you for giving me a platform to showcase my talent and believing in me enough. I don’t think you realize how much impact you have contributed to my life.

Thato Poet

In our vision, poetry - like music and sport - is a household product. In our vision, poets are highly revered superstars, and parents proudly endorse their children to pursue creative writing and performance as a career.

That's why we are working hard to build platforms that will expand the industry. We have lots of exciting projects in the works. Subscribe to our newsletter and we'll keep you in the loop.

Our aim is to make poetry a prominent and valuable craft within the creative economy.


Final showcase

Epic, blockbuster poetry finale! Featuring emerging and top poetry professionals slamming their way to bragging rights and ultimate prizes.


Free workshops

Refine your poetry writing, performance, and creative administration skills with our lineup of FREE online workshops.


Skills development

Our Young Gunns will go through a 6-week mentorship programme with well established poets.


Exclusive offers

Purchase all-access tickets and collectible merch. Gain access to hang out with your favorite Poetry Giants.


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